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Ansutek Weigh LabelLite™

Ansutek Weigh LabelLite™ Software provides a fast and easy method to weigh and label products in the factory.

Weigh LabelLite™ is compatible with BarTender using the same Data Spreadsheeets and allowing the customisation of formats.


  • Enforces product weight tolerances on the production floor.
  • Prints in specification labels.
  • Advises the Operator of setup instructions for each batch.
  • Updates Realtime stats for Run Quantity vs Order Quantity.
  • Provides Batch Traceability by customer and by date.
  • Fully integrates into BarTender providing all the powerful features for label design from Seagull Scientifics's BarTender Software which is standard in a lot of companies.

Hands free operation provides the ability to scan the product code, batch code and label quantity from the production batch sheet. Developed for the SMB market there is no IT overhead. ANSUTEK technicians or dealer's provide all of the hardware, installation, staff training, and remote support.

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