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Ansutek ScanWeigh™

The Ansutek ScanWeigh™ software provides a fast and easy method to scan weighscale weights
into a computer or mobile terminal via the 2D live weight on screen.

Do you need to capture Weight Data into your PC or Mobile Computer?

Capture your data quickly and accurately with the Ansutek ScanWeigh™ 2D Barcode Program which runs on Windows or Android Devices .

Contact us to download our Ansutek ScanWeigh™ Software and connect to your scale for realtime data.

Test it on screen by using a 2D imaging
scanner to read the weight barcodes below.

Save time and money by recording weight
and scan data using the same scanner!

Ansutek ScanWeigh

Configure Pre and Postamble Data.

Add an Enter, TAB, or any other characters including the current date before and /or after the barcode.

Ansutek ScanWeigh

Need to Log Scale Data to File?

Its already built into ScanWeigh™ - Simply click on the menu and go to Log Data.

Ansutek ScanWeigh

The Team at Ansutek can supply you the complete solution Software, Scanner, Scale, and Setup!

Suitable for all applications from the Laboratory to the weighbridge!
Receiving, Weigh Labelling, Portable Scanners, Dock Scales, Labs, Freight, Shipping.

For more information or to download our Ansutek ScanWeigh™ Software contact us today!

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