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Advanced Weighing

IND780 Advanced Weighing Terminal

Power and performance for advanced weighing applications

Optimize the amount of visible information with the graphical LCD display. Configure up to four scales and a metrologically approved sum scale, then view one or all simultaneously.

The IND780’s multiprocessor design provides the fastest A/D performance at 366 Hz, with TraxDSP digital filtering for rough weighing conditions. Configurable softkeys permit single key press operation of important features and functions. The built-in predictive maintenance and diagnostics features help predict errors and plan scale maintenance, rather than react after a scale is already down.

Features and Benefits

  • A simple operating system with an enhanced graphical display and SmartTrac™ – Improves the speed and accuracy of manual or semi-automatic operations, with three display modes that relate weight status to target graphically
  • An array of integrated functions - Including Step Calibration, CalFREE™, TraxDSP™ Digital Filtering and TraxEMT™ Maintenance Diagnostics Suite
  • Multiple measurement channels - Allow concurrent scale measurement and control in a single terminal for hardware and engineering cost savings
  • Internal target/setpoint I/O controls - Internal digital I/O for direct material transfer control imporoves speed and accuracy in weigh-in or weigh-out feeding processes
  • Target Table - Eliminates the need for repetitive data entry by storing numerous target and tolerance records for over/under checkweighing or material feed control applications
  • MinWeigh® - Ensures compliance and prevents inaccurate measurements by monitoring the scale for any weighments below a specified minimum
  • Cluster networking - Provides remote terminal access over an Ethernet LAN network, for flexible distribution of control and data

Specifications (PDF)

Please Note: Specifications and options vary and are subject to change without prior notice


IND570 Industrial Weighing Terminal
Power and Performance for Advanced Weighing Applications

Designed for performance and versatility, the IND570 is the easy choice for integration in even the most challenging industrial weighing applications. The terminal's advanced capabilities and multiple connectivity options ensure reliable and accurate management of weighing applications, to satisfy industry's ever-increasing demand for measurement accuracy, reliability, efficiency and traceability.

Features & Benefits

  • Options for a perfect fit: Highly versatile in form and function, the IND570 is designed for uncomplicated integration into weighing applications from basic to sophisticated.
  • Performance monitoring: Integrated system performance monitoring includes GWP®. User-friendly diagnostic reporting uses an integrated email function. Embedded InTouchSM for active monitoring of equipment with optional InTouch Remote Support services available only from METTLER TOLEDO. These features combine to help keep the IND570 weighing system running at maximum potential.
  • Flexible control options: Implement customized operator routines to guarantee consistency in manual processes, or allow the IND570s standard applications, fast updating discrete I/O and PLC communication to take control of a process. The IND570 offers the flexibility to best utilize available resources.
  • Ready for filling and dosing: Offering easy-to-configure software routines, discrete I/O, material storage tables and more, the IND570 is ready to work as a highly accurate controller for simple or sophisticated blending, filling and dosing operations.

Specifications (PDF)

Please Note: Specifications and options vary and are subject to change without prior notice

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