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ACT350 Weight Transmitter
Increase Process Speed and Efficiency - without Sacrificing Accuracy

The ACT350 represents the latest in METTLER TOLEDO technology and is one of the most versatile weighing transmitters available today for conventional strain gauge weighing technology.

Precision Weight for Automation
The ACT350 Precision allows connectivity to Precision Scales. Easily integrating these extremely accurate modules and scales for automatic weighing applications where accuracy is critical to quality and cost savings. The ACT350 analog weight transmitter delivers precision measurement at an exceptional speed.

PLC Connectivity
ACT350 Precision provides fast, simple and easy PLC connectivity to High Preci-sion Weigh Modules and Scales. It is a perfect solution for machines systems requiring the highest level of accuracy.

Onboard Ethernet Switch
ACT350 Precision supports fast PLC con-nectivity via the most common industrial Ethernet networks using star, daisy-chain and ring topologies.

Webserver Configuration
An internal webserver allowing easy setup, remote status and maintenance.

Onboard Display and Keypad
A Built-in display and keypad provides easy setup, diagnostics, status (indicat-ed by text) and weight for local calibra-tion. Four indicator LEDs show network status and device conditon.

  • PROFINET®, EtherNet/IPTM network connectivity
  • Integrated Webserver for local or remote service
  • OLED display and keypad for setup, maintenance and current system status
  • Compact housing - only 40 mm width
  • Communication includes condition monitoring, alarms, synchronization, heartbeat and other indus-try-leading functions
  • Digital inputs/outputs fast and simple control• Powered by 24VDC• Automatic DIN rail grounding

Specifications (PDF)

Please Note: Specifications and options may vary and are subject to change without prior notice

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